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Click here for hentai that will enlarge your penis!

2009-04-24 01:11:47 by RomanCollarClock

Just kidding! There is a new Super Happy Fun Time episode that will be enjoyed by Insulinpump Clock's 85 million fans. Go watch it now.

Not watching this will result in roughly 1 million of Insulin's 85 million fans to die of type 3 diabetes.

Click here for hentai that will enlarge your penis!


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2009-04-24 01:23:28

What a shocking turn of events. To think, that after all these years Isulinpump was finally cured of diabetus. I'm intrigued, I can't wait to see how this plays out. Truly this series has garnered such a large fan base for a reason.

RomanCollarClock responds:

You can't argue with this logic.


2009-04-24 10:35:19

Damn you! I was promised hentai! YOU LIE!!!


2009-04-24 16:21:42



2009-04-24 16:41:12

That black man was all the hentai I needed. <3

RomanCollarClock responds:



2009-04-25 04:26:55

wat no hentai!!?!@!!? dam u romancolar,, hw dar u do dis 2 teh 85 millon fans of inslunpum[p!!!! GIV ME MOAR BEWBS!!!!!?!@#

It is a good thing this movie gave a million fan profit so that the type 3 diabeeeetus epidemic came out neutral. More to be discussed at the next board meeting, thus this meeting is adjourned for today. I hope Chris The Stick 2 managed to take the minutes this time.

RomanCollarClock responds:

Right-oh boss! And if Chris doesn't take good minutes, we'll outsource his job to India so a small Indian man with AIDS will get the job done. We already have a major actor with diabetes, so that's got to be the same thing as having a secretary with aids, right?


2009-04-25 21:02:41

Type 3 diabetes! Sadly, I think that exists now. It's what happens when little kids eat too much and are allowed to gorge themselves unhindered by the parental units. After their pancreas goes into shock sugar becomes there only friend. It's called spoiled-bratus. :(

And wait... what? when was I cured of diabetes?? Can I have that instead of this series as a condolence prize?

RomanCollarClock responds:

Yes. You just have to go to Mickie D's to see the new plague of diabetes type 3. :(

And you were cured of diabetes in episode 23, but that created a time paradox resulting in a game over. Bummer.

Oh and if you're ever looking for a good adventure game, look up the game I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. It's an adaptation from the short story, which is where the dialogue came from.


2009-04-25 21:36:02

Wut the fuk?! this movioe wsicuks! it couldnt evne give me wood! Where's the hentai? Blame blam blamBlam!


2009-04-25 21:36:36

oh, and do a pic of billiard clock


2009-04-26 22:44:01


need any idea


2009-04-29 12:40:51

Do mor

need any idea


2009-04-29 12:41:45

This hentai has not enlarged my penis. I'm suing you.


2009-05-07 04:58:36

stop copying my words, insulin pump! thatshows no quallity.

i may annoy you, but i never copyied your words!

haha! now i will steal...


yes, your-oh-sogreat cheese, will be on my hands, now!
and you wil be able to do flash soon!

you will, cause you will be happy and you will have no french people attackn yo house (skyscraper) in the horror mountain


2009-05-25 00:28:12

hey chris the stick your very existence shows no quality. Crawl into a hole and die.


2011-11-07 17:22:52

do more flash, and ummm quit the gun-work, plz

a game of ''kill chris the stick 2'', hmmm?

that's it. now you will see the dark side of the pump, mr.insulien pump-cloc-i mean guy!

you shall face a horrible threat, me, and my army of 1 million posts!

ps. im jk, i loved it, teach me how to make movies like this.
and games. i must do a game.

also: i can't open the files, insulin, what version of flash do u have? i have flash 8, and it says ''CANT OPEN''.